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Welcome to the website of Bok Consulting Pty Ltd.

We are a niche technology information technology consultancy established in 1998 servicing the needs of the banking and finance sector in the area of fixed interest, foreign exchange, equities and derivative instruments.

We have been working with the Ethereum blockchain since the platform was launched in 2015, and are excited by the ease at which monetary value can be sent to, held and sent by smart contracts on the decentralised and trusted Ethereum platform.

To whoever is trying to repeatedly login into this site with my account, please be aware that my password length is 43 characters long and contains 7 Unicode characters outside the standard ASCII range including ?, ? and ?. If you are trying to hack into this site, there is nothing of interest for you here. Go find somewhere else to play!

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This is not investment advice – just a look at the source code, my security audits, and other items of interest.

This links to articles on this site may be of interest to those in the crypto and finance industries, and do not represent the views of Bok Consulting Pty Ltd. Some of the news sites don’t even represent reality – you will just have to apply your own filters.

Please contact us from the About page if you would like find out how we can help you to explore, design, develop, deploy and support fiat and digital currency financial instruments and applications on or off blockchains.