Checking Out FlightDelay, A Decentralised Flight Delay Insurance Smart Contract

Announcement FlightDelay DApp: one of the first full-fledged business applications is live on mainnet:

Great announce:

The FlightDelay DApp is finally online on mainnet. For a detailed description see here: . The DApp is one of the first examples of upcoming business applications on the ethereum blockchain. Powered by one of the most complex contracts on the chain, the FlightDelay DApp manages autonomously the whole business process from application for a policy, underwriting and acceptance, automatic detection of delayed flights and subsequent automatic payout minutes after the arrival. We are very proud to present this application, which shows the power and expressiveness of solidity smart contracts as well as the interaction between different solutions on the blockchain. We are closely interacting with, who are providing us with proven and tamper-free flight data from our datasource, We are using the great in-browser-wallet solution, alternatively you can run our DApp in the Mist browser.

We invite everybody to investigate our contract, which is verified on and, as well as on github (the links can be found in the medium post).

This is no commercial offer, but merely an experiment to show what can be done on the ethereum blockchain. We have provided some funds to ensure that all claims can actually be paid out, but we do not want to make profit (at least at the moment). Therefore, all surplus from the operation of this limited contract will be dedicated to the Ethereum Foundation.

We will be on DevCon2 and happy to see many of you there!

Here is the flight search screen from the FlightDelay website viewed using the Ethereum Wallet in Mist mode:


And here are the calculated premiums for the flight insurance:


Here’s a different site that seems to be planning to offer flight insurance paid in GBP, BTC and ETH –

Update Oct 01 2016

Flight Delay Dapp – lessons learned

FlightDelay Source Code

Following is the verified source code for the FlightDelay smart contract published at 0x4d54be5a62f5d9fcf4b17c7ab6e68822c142ec6b:

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