Bok Consulting Pty Ltd is a Sydney based niche information technology consultancy established in 1998, servicing the needs of the banking and finance sector.

Our particular expertise is in fixed interest and derivatives in risk management and trading systems, and now blockchains.

We work with small to large systems across multiple computational environments. We develop pricing and modelling calculation modules, integrate systems and build bespoke systems.

We have been working with the technical aspects of the trusted and decentralised Ethereum blockchain network since 2015, and are now working to bring fiat and digital currency financial instruments onto the blockchain.

Bok Khoo

BokBok Khoo BEc, AIAA, Director and Consultant is an Actuary and quantitative software developer with over 28 years of industry experience.

Bok has been working with clients from bank and corporate treasuries, investment managers, government entities, exchanges and financial soft vendors in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the UK and Europe.

Bok, also known as the BokkyPooBah on Ethereum.StackExchange.com, github.com and reddit.com/r/ethereum, is now working to bring decentralised trustless exchanges (https://cryptoderivatives.market/) and traditional fiat financial instruments to the Ethereum trusted and decentralised blockchain platform. Bok also runs BokkyPooBah’s Ethereum Workshop in Sydney.

The header image is a view of the blue skies from a helicopter over the Riversleigh World Heritage Area. See blog.bok.rocks for more photos and palaeontology.

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