SingularDTV Crowdsale Completed Within Fifteen Minutes

SingularDTV Crowdsale Completed Within Fifteen Minutes and SingularDTV Raises $7.5M to Incentivize Creative Output.

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The SingularDTV token is called “SNGLS”. SNGLS are fungible and conform to Ethereum’s universal token standards. SNGLS represent a pro rata gross revenue/asset share in SingularDTV projects and intellectual property.

The total number of SNGLS in the SingularDTV ecosystem is 1 Billion. 500 million of these will be generated for the SingularDTV audience at the ETH equivalent of 1.5 cents per token for a total ETH equivalent of $7.5m to:

1.) launch a documentary film division dedicated to educating the world about Ethereum, blockchain and decentralization;

2.) produce Season 1 of our sci-fi epic television series ‘Singular’, about the human race’s journey into a technological Singularity;

3.) build a rights, revenue and royalty management platform and;

4.) build a transaction video on-demand portal.

Of the remaining 500 million SNGLS tokens not offered to the world, 400 million belong to the founders and 100 million to seed/development investors. All gross revenue claimed by the 400 million founders tokens will be re-invested back into the SingularDTV ecosystem to create film/TV content as well as decentralized tech/apps for the entertainment industry. It is important to note the SingularDTV founders will only receive dividends or revenue from these 400 million tokens in the event of a future exit. Founders will receive commensurate compensation as budgeted on a per project basis to act as SingularDTV’s executive team. The remaining 100 million tokens held by our seed/development investors enjoy the same attributes as the 500 million sold to the world. They can be held to receive revenue and asset benefits from SingularDTV projects in perpetuity, or traded on the open market. Please see our Summary Overview on for more details or please ask us anything.

The tokens were apparently on sale for 862.065 SNGL per 1 ETH. 1 ETH = USD 13.208 currently. 1 SNGL = ~USD 13.208 / 862.065 = ~ USD 0.015 . Which is approximately 1.5 cents per SNGL.

At 1 ETH = 0.02160640 BTC, 1 SNGL = ~ 0.00002506 BTC.

The contract code at listed below:








Contract deployed at 0xbdf5c4f1c1a9d7335a6a68d9aa011d5f40cf5520.





Contract deployed at 0xaec2e87e0a235266d9c5adc9deb4b2e29b54d009.





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