Arcade City’s Upcoming Crowdfunding

Originally posted Oct 24 2016. Updated Nov 1 2016.

This is not advise as to whether Arcade City is a good investment or not. This is just a quick look at what Arcade City is offering and how they are doing it.

Arcade City is a community of peer-to-peer ride sharing providers and consumers. The team plans to “reinvent the sharing economy” with its platform and community in an entirely different way than Lyft or Uber.

The crowdsale will start around the beginning of Nov 2016. DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST! I’ve collected some of discussions around Arcade City in the Links section below.

The contract address with the verified source code and JSON application binary interface (ABI) can be found at 0xAc709FcB44a43c35F0DA4e3163b117A17F3770f5. And the accounts linked to this contract are:


Crowdfunding source code from the verified source at 0xAc709FcB44a43c35F0DA4e3163b117A17F3770f5:

Crowdfunding source code from at Oct 28 2016 14:57:36 UTC.






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