Golem Crowdfunding Funded To 820,000 ETH Cap

Original post Oct 24 2016. Updated Nov 12 2016 with deployed contract and source code, and crowdfunding statistics.
This is not advise as to whether Golem is a good investment or not. This is just a quick look at what Golem is offering and how they are doing it.

Golem is going create the first decentralized global market for computing power combined with flexible tools for developers to distribute and monetize their software.

The first transaction 0x0a75…be15 in block 2,607,801 at Nov-11-2016 03:12:28 PM +UTC.
The last valid transaction 0xa8d9…2ea7 was for 0.85579574 ETH in block 2,607,934 at Nov-11-2016 03:41:36 PM +UTC.
The crowdfunding was finalized in transaction 0x1bdf…e681 in block 2,607,939 at Nov-11-2016 03:43:05 PM +UTC.
The crowdfunding raised 820,000 ETH (~ USD 8,620,660) within 30 minutes and 37 seconds from commencement, with 522 addresses and 647 events.
From https://etherscan.io/token/Golem:


Deployed Source Code

Following is the source code deployed to the Ethereum blockchain at address 0xa74476443119a942de498590fe1f2454d7d4ac0d.

The deployed contract has the following parameters:

To participate in the crowdfunding, you will have to send the data field “0xefc81a8c” with your ether transaction to 0xa74476443119a942de498590fe1f2454d7d4ac0d. This calls the create() method (web3.sha3("create()").substring(0,10)="0xefc81a8c"). Gas needs to be set to at least 70,000. Crowdfunding starts ~ 15:00 Nov 11 2016 UTC or 02:00 Nov 12 2016 AEST.

Note that the contract below does not implement the ERC20 functions transferFrom(...) and approve(...).

Source code from Github

Crowdfunding source code from https://github.com/imapp-pl/golem-crowdfunding at Oct 28 2016 14:57:36 UTC. Still to be audited.





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