Firstblood 1ST Presale Tokens Commencing In 20 Minutes

Firstblood is a “Decentralized eSports Platform Based on Smart Contracts”. This is just a quick look into the smart contract behind the crowdfunding.

Update 00:08 Sep 26 2016 AEST – The crowdsale hit the maximum cap limit of raising 465,313 ETH within the first 8 minutes of commencement of the crowdsale.

Update 22:10 Oct 09 2016 UTC – The crowd sale was over in 9 minutes (a few < 1 ETH transactions shortly after) - See Error sending transaction to the First Blood crowd sale contract. Trading of First Blood 1ST tokens will be enabled around Dec 23 2016 – see When can First Blood 1ST tokens be transferred?.


Verified Smart Contract From


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