Guide To Using The Gnosis Multisig Wallet

Here are a series of screenshots that will give you an idea of the process to use the Gnosis (ConsenSys) Multisig Wallet using a) a Ledger Nano S (Nano) and b) a MetaMask account.

In this guide, I will be using:

  • the Ropsten Testnet Ethereum network
  • the Gnosis Multisig UI at, with settings selected to the Ropsten network
  • Ropsten Testnet ethers (RtETH)
  • Ropsten Testnet Dollops tokens (DOLL). Address 0x362fa7d41a47874cf5231dc12ac7ca1339d1090d, 18 decimal places with the symbol DOLL
  • Ledger Nano S (Nano) running in Chromium (not Chrome)
  • Firefox with the MetaMask plugin


Table Of Contents


1. Ledger Nano S

In this guide, I will be using the following seed phrase with my Nano – license diagram pelican spy monitor convince damage script wall hockey goose month popular swamp sugar rose mystery gap regular acquire bottom sea modify eyebrow. The account generated from this passphrase is 0x98Cf7199F4e0c977196AAfa64c6A240fEBb7b73e. I have sent some RtETH and tokens to this account.

On my Ledger Nano S, I selected the Ethereum icon -> Settings. I then selected Contract Data to yes and Browser Support to yes.


2. MetaMask

In this guide, I will be using the following seed phrase with my MetaMask account – devote double van helmet sausage decide eyebrow impact into sick spice banner. The account generated from this passphrase is 0x30996B7848Bf844F0DA4E33E92AC958DC6789CE8. I have sent some RtETH to this account.


3. Connecting Wallet User Interface To Ropsten

For this guide, I am setting up a multisig wallet from 2 separate web browser sessions. The first is using Chromium web browser (not Chrome, but that works too) with the Ledger Nano S connected to this session. The second is using the Firefox web browser with the MetaMask plugin.

In both sessions, navigate to and select the Settings tab.


In this Nano session, select the Remote Ropsten Ethereum node and Ledger Wallet Web3 provider. Click Update settings. You may have to refresh your web browser page for the settings to become active.

Multisig Nano Setting



In this MetaMask session, select Ethereum node Remote Ropsten and Web3 provider Default (MetaMask, Mist, Parity …). Click Update settings. You may have to refresh your web browser page for the settings to become active.

Multisig MetaMask Setting


4. Deploying A New Wallet

Let’s deploy a new multisig wallet from the Nano session.


Click on Add on the right of Wallets:

Multisig Nano – Add Wallet

Enter a name for the wallet, the number of required confirmations, and the addresses of the owners:

Multisig Nano – Deploy New Wallet

Check the gas and Send transaction. Press the confirm button on the Nano:

Multisig Nano – Send Transaction

EtherScan – Multisig Wallet Created

The wallet has been created:

Multisig Nano – Wallet Created

I’ve sent some RtETH and some DOLL tokens to the wallet contract address 0x6cf5aabb3e349ccd363e1e1de8b83ad4b35fb681:

Multisig wallet contract address – sent some RtETH and DOLL tokens

You can see the RtETH balance on the webpage:

Multisig Nano – ETH Balance

Click on the wallet name to view the wallet details:

Multisig Nano – View Wallet

Click on the Add button to the right of Tokens. Enter the address 0x362fa7d41a47874cf5231dc12ac7ca1339d1090d and the other fields are filled in:

Multisig Nano – Add Token

You can now see your token balance in the wallet:

Multisig Nano – View Token Balance


In the MetaMask session, click on Add to the right of wallets:

Multisig MetaMask – Add Wallet

Click on Restore deployed wallet and Next:

Multisig MetaMask – Restore deployed wallet

Enter the name and address of the newly created wallet 0x6cf5aABB3e349Ccd363E1E1DE8b83aD4b35FB681 and click Ok:

Multisig MetaMask – Restore deployed wallet

You will now see the wallet including the RtETH balance in the MetaMask session:

Multisig MetaMask – View ETH Balance


5. Executing Multisig ETH Transactions


Let’s withdraw some ETH from the multisig wallet from the MetaMask session.

Click on the Withdraw button to the right of the multisig wallet entry:

Multisig MetaMask – Withdraw ETH

Enter the Amount (ETH), the Destination address and click on Send multisig transaction:

Multisig MetaMask – Configure Gas

Customise the Gas limit and Gas price (GWei) and click on Send transaction:

Multisig MetaMask – Confirm MetaMask Transaction

Click on the Submit button to send the transaction.

Ropsten EtherScan – confirmTransaction

Multisig Nano – New Unconfirmed Transaction

Multisig Nano – Confirm Transaction


Multisig Nano – Configure Gas


Multisig Nano – Transaction Confirmed

Here is transaction .

Ropsten EtherScan – confirmTransaction




6. Executing Multisig ERC20 Token Transactions

Multisig Nano – DOLL Token Balance


Multisig Nano – Withdraw DOLL Tokens

EtherScan – Submit DOLL Token Transfer Transaction


Multisig Nano – Unconfirmed Token Transfer


Multisig MetaMask – Unconfirmed Transaction


Multisig MetaMask – Confirm Transaction


Multisig MetaMask – Token Transfer – Configure Gas


MetaMask – Submit Transaction

EtherScan – Confirm DOLL Token Transfer Transaction


Multisig MetaMask – DOLL Tokens Transferred


Multisig Nano – DOLL Tokens Transferred


7. References

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