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Kibo Contract Code – Possible Bug Bounty

News – Kibo contract code is now open access. Kibo is an international lotto. Their website is at https://kiboplatform.net/en/landing.html. Here is their whitepaper.

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Firstblood 1ST Presale Tokens Commencing In 20 Minutes

Firstblood is a “Decentralized eSports Platform Based on Smart Contracts”. This is just a quick look into the smart contract behind the crowdfunding. Update 00:08 Sep 26 2016 AEST – The crowdsale hit the maximum cap limit of raising 465,313 … Continue reading

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The DAO 1.0 – The Bug And The Hack, The Refunds, Plus The Source Code And ABI

Originally posted Sep 15 2016. Updated Oct 29 2016 with The DAO hacker successfully converting ~ USD 100,000 of booty into bitcoins The DAO, the first-of-a-kind decentralised autonomous venture capital fund on the Ethereum virtual currency blockchain started it’s 28 … Continue reading

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Checking Out FlightDelay, A Decentralised Flight Delay Insurance Smart Contract

Announcement FlightDelay DApp: one of the first full-fledged business applications is live on mainnet: Great announce: The FlightDelay DApp https://fdd.etherisc.com is finally online on mainnet. For a detailed description see here: http://medium.com/@skarpischek/youll-love-to-be-late-for-devcon-two-e711bbe750c0#.bffjjtq0g . The DApp is one of the first … Continue reading

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New Ethereum Block Explorer – ETHExplorer v2

Ethereum Block Explorer (ETHExplorer V2) – Realtime Price Ticker, Shapeshift Integration, etc. , based on ethparty explorer.

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Ethereum – Sample Smart Contracts

Documentation & Introduction Solidity Documentation Website: http://solidity.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ Solidity Baby Steps From euri10 below. Code: https://github.com/fivedogit/solidity-baby-steps DAOs The DAO Note that this code has the recursive call vulnerability that allowed a hacker to steal USD 50 million. Code: https://github.com/slockit/DAO Website: https://daohub.org/index.html … Continue reading

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SampleOffer.sol Smart Contract Explainer

SampleOffer.sol Smart Contract Explainer

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