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The following was written by the author of the million dollar homepage (not me). I added the contract source code below. This is not a recommendation to spend your precious ethers on the page of pixels, just a look at the source code.

And from How to earn ether with The Million Ether Homepage, there is already a The smart contract for this page was deployed to 0x709C7134053510FCe03b464982EAb6E3d89728a5 at Nov-25-2016 03:31:59 PM +UTC.

The smart contract for was deployed at 0x15dbdB25f870f21eaf9105e68e249E0426DaE916 at Dec-13-2016 10:33:16 AM +UTC, about 19 days after the smart contract. As these contracts take much longer than 19 days to plan, develop and deploy, both were probably developed independently.

See also MillionEther Smart Contract can Change the World of Advertising for Good.

Decentralized advertising platform where income is shared between referrals.


1. 1000х1000 pixels field. 1 pixel = 1 ETH on average.
Pixel price starts at 0,01 ETH and doubles every 100 000 pixels sold.

2. Pixels may be bought, sold or used to place ads.
Just like real property landlord can set any sale price (with no fees charged).

3. Income is shared between referrals and charity through 6 handshakes scheme.
Total pixel map cost is 1 023 000 ETH and it goes entirely to referrals and charity. There is no owner.

4. Third party applications possible. is just one of many MillionEther smart contract representations possible. The contract has rich API section.

5. The code is open, tested and verified.
All known Ethereum issues (including DAO hacks) are taken into account, escape paths implemented.


One million ether homepage:


Inspired by:
3. Source Code

Here is the smart contract source code: Source Code

Here is the smart contract source code:

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