TokenCard ICO Raises USD 16.7 Million In 30 Minutes 13 Seconds


Note: Do not transfer your TKN tokens yet. There are some errors in the allocation of tokens and TokenCard may be deploying a new TKN token contract. See TKN Creation Event Updates and Found a major TokenCard ICO token distribution bug for more details.


Token address: 0x65b9d9b96bcce0b89d807413e4703d2c7451593a
8 decimal places.

ICO contract; 0x49edf201c1e139282643d5e7c6fb0c7219ad1db7 with balance at the end of:

  • 166,710.893791689333067692 Ether (USD 12,918,427.16)
  • USD 3,766,835.86 USD in ERC20 Tokens
  • Total USD 16,685,263.02

First transaction: 0x7f414c84 at May-02-2017 04:01:03 PM +UTC
Last non-zero transaction: 0xce7c2a9e at May-02-2017 04:31:16 PM +UTC
Funding period: 30 minutes 13 seconds

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