The DAO War – The Goodies Strike Back

I woke up this morning and checked my The DAO recursive call attack notification system on my tablet and saw the following messages:

Another round of attacks on The DAO funds.

I checked the net and was pleasantly greeted with the news We are doing a white hat attack on the DAO. Here is an Update on the White Hat attack. More information on the attacks at
How many The DAO recursive call vulnerability attacks have occurred to date?

The original attack stole 3,641,694.241898506 Ether ($49,344,956.98). The white hat attack temporarily secured 7,277,336.423038517 Ether ($96,934,121.15). The remaining balance is 353,137.14 Ether ($4,767,351.49) plus 344,907.73 Ether ($4,656,254.46) that may be locked in the extraBalance account. Then there were other attacks. And finally there were legitimate split proposals. More forking wars ahead.


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