The DAO ExtraBalance Refund

The curators are preparing to refund the amounts accumulated in The DAO’s ExtraBalance, amounts that were paid by investors in the last two weeks of The DAO’s crowdfunding period above the 1 ETH = 100 DAOs. This is covered in the ExtraBalance section of The DAO’s Edge Cases Multisig (Post Hard Fork).

Part of the refund process is working out how much each account should be refunded and Nick Johnson aka Arachnid performed his calculations and published the results in

I have used a different method to query the Ethereum blockchain to come up with similar results, providing a reconciliation of Arachnid’s results. The report is at There are only small differences in 10 accounts in Arachnid’s calculations, the amount of difference being less than 0.612 ETH (~ AUD 8.72).

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