The DAO ExtraBalance Account Refund

@ledgerwatch in has deployed the ExtraBalToken contract at 0x5c40ef6f527f4fba68368774e6130ce6515123f2 in block #2,197,120 with transaction 0x6f5ea6f387722f2899789947a37703f211983b74215b0b15f5bb4b3835b63bc6.

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Reconciliation Of ExtraBalToken Contract Values

I’ve written a script to reconcile the balance in this contract. The documentation can be found at Extra Balance Reconcilation, and the source code for the reconciliation script can be found at


ExtraBalToken Contract Source Code

Following is the source code for the ExtraBalToken contract. It is an ERC20 standard token contract with a fill(...) function and a seal() function to preload the token balance by addresses.

The only very minor improvement that I could find over the implementation below is to use modifier noEther() {if (msg.value > 0) throw; _} to prevent users accidentally sending ethers to the functions transfer(...), approve(...) and transferFrom(...). And there is no way to retrieve any ethers accidentally sent to this contract, but the chance of this is has been minimised by overriding the default () function.


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