Game Of Clones

The DAO hacker stole 3,641,694 ethers (ETH), ~ 50 million USD, from the Ethereum blockchain 17/06/2016. The block chain was hard-forked on 20/07/2016 to move the stolen coins into a trustee’s wallet to refund to The DAO investors, only in the hard-forked blockchain.

~10% of miners decided to keep mining the non-forked blockchain, calling the clone chain Ethereum Classic (ETC). Since 24/07/2016, some virtual currency exchanges started trading ETCs to make a profit. The ETC hashrate is now about 20% of ETH. It seems that it is mainly Bitcoiners who want this chain kept alive, and this chain should rightfully be renamed to EFB or Ethereum for Bitcoiners. (A reason for this may be because Bitcoin has stalled in it’s development, with developers and miners at a stalemate, unable to raise the blocksize from the current 1 megabyte restricting the number of transactions that can be processed in each block (~ 10 minutes). Bitcoin may have to undergo a similar forking that may end up with one or more Bitcoin clones.)

On the hard-forked ETH blockchains, the DAO investors have been able convert their DAO tokens into ETH as a refund. Some DAO investors paid more than the 1 ETH = 100 DAOs – the refund process for the excess over 1 ETH = 100 DAOs for these investors is currently being worked out. You can check whether you paid more than 1 ETH = 100 DAOs in this spreadsheet. The refund process is also being worked out for the investors who honestly split out their DAO tokens.

Now some of the ETC holders as asking for the friendly hackers to try to get a refund of DAO tokens that live on the ETC chain. So today I hacked up some scripts to calculate what has happened to the DAO tokens on the ETC blockchain.

My first question and answer was What are the balances of The DAO and it’s child DAOs on the Ethereum Classic chain? with some discussion at The baddies have moved 3641694.241898506992612617 ETC from child DAO 59. This was also discussed on the Ethereum Classic Reddit thread Hacker moving ETC. Can we track funds and alert exchanges?.

My second question and answer was What’s happening within child DAO #59 on the ETC chain? with some discussion at child DAO #59 Balance 3642408.52761279270689932 ETC Has Moved To 0x10abb5efecdc09581f8b7cb95791fe2936790b4e

In summary, the DAO hacker has moved the hacked funds from child DAO #59 into a grand child DAO #10, and this now holds 3,642,408 ETC;. There is a waiting period built into The DAO code so the hacker has to wait 27 + 14 days from the 21 Jul 2016 13:34:56 AEST proposal deadline to be able to extract the funds.

And here is an article referencing my Reddit posts above – ETC Funds From The DAO Breach is On The Move.

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