EtherDelta – Concern Over Whether USD 12K in Ethers Can Be Withdrawn After The Gas Reprice Hard Fork

The Ethereum blockchain will be hard-forked this coming Tuesday on block 2463000 with the main changes being the gas repricing of opcodes (EIP 150 version 1c). A concerned redditor asked There is over $12,000 USD in this contract! Please can somebody tell me what the chances of it being able to be withdrawn after the hardfork are?….

EtherDelta is a decentralised ether and ERC20 token exchange – I’ll have to try using it some day. There is not much trading activity on the exchange at the moment.

Following is a screenshot of EtherDelta running in the Mist browser, loaded from and you can find the guides here:

Let’s have a look at the EtherDelta source code at 0x4aea7cf559f67cedcad07e12ae6bc00f07e8cf65:

The main concern would be the call in the withdraw(...) method. From a brief look at this method, there should be no problems with withdrawing the ethers from this contract. Gas cost for the call function would increase by 660, if the message sender is a regular externally owned account. If the message sender is a smart contract (wallet contract), some opcodes in this wallet contract may raise the amount of gas required for a successful send. The transaction sent to the withdraw(...) method of this contract just has to increase the supplied gas by this amount.

This contract withdrawal should be safe from this hard-fork change.

Relevant to this question is A quick note on how the CALL gas cost increase will affect contracts.

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