A Quick Look At Melonport’s ICO Contract

Melonport ICO is over after 13 minutes and 17 seconds as the funding goal of 227,000 ETH was reached.

Note that MLN tokens are ERC20-compliant but cannot be transferred before endTime = 1489575600 or Mar 15 2017 @ 11:00am (UTC), and will then be listed on the decentralised exchange contract market https://cryptoderivatives.market/.

The first crowdfunding transaction is 0x483d9e2f… at Feb-15-2017 11:00:06 AM +UTC.

The last successful non-zero crowdfunding transaction is 0xec2b4ab5… at Feb-15-2017 11:13:23 AM +UTC.

Last transaction >= 100 ETH 0x86c1859d… at Feb-15-2017 11:05:21 AM +UTC, or 5 minutes 15 seconds.

The crowdsale was over in 13 minutes and 17 seconds. And some transactions were lagging by 2 hours and 37 minutes. See the following screen.

The smart contract from 0x3bf541f87056d134e0109be1be92978b26cb09e0 follows:


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