100 Tricky Stick Puzzles Disrupt The Ethereum Devcon2 Conference In Shanghai

Published Sep 25 2016, updated with more photos from @tayvano Oct 18 2016. Updated with link to Lefteris’ tweet Nov 28 2016.

I made 100 Tricky Stick puzzles for the Ethereum Devcon2 conference in Shanghai.

The first indication of disruption was raised by @tayvano of the MyEtherWallet.com team:
Screen-Shot-2016-09-23-at-22.53.59Apparently there was some talk of this puzzle on WeChat, but I avoid installing apps with mandatory backdoors and/or suck contact information.

As posted by @boyanbc, from https://twitter.com/The_DAO_Project/status/779217299261841408:

Screen-Shot-2016-09-23-at-16.34.26Here’s Marley Gray from Microsoft on stage:

MarleyGray_DSC_1283_smallAnd here’s Roman Mandeleil from Ether.Camp on stage as well:

RomanMandeleil_DSC_1279_smallHere’s the MyEtherWallet.com team – @tayvano, Kevin and @kvhnuke:


KevinAndKvhNuke_photogrid_1474440558949The aim is to attach and remove this puzzle from buttonholes, bag straps, or anything else.

The Lefteris Karapetsas:

LefterisTaylor Gerring, The Unknown Victim and Griiiifff Greeeennn:

FromTayvano-20161018-1Jordi Baylina worked out the puzzle pretty quickly, but was stumped by the double twister version created by @kvhnuke.

FromTayvano-20161018-2I attached one of these puzzles on Vitalik’s bag when I met him last year at the Sydney Blockchain Workshop, so he threw his bag away. So I went up the chain and gave the puzzle to one of the people who made the Vitalik, his waay-too-young-looking dad Dmitry:

VitaliksDad_P1020323This puzzle is a non-transferable physical token that becomes transferable after you have solved it. Sort of like The DAO‘s approve(...) and transferFrom(...) functions. Your IQ also goes up 10%: IQ(you) *= 110%.

And from David Burela’s DEVCON2 report: Day Three – Final day:
Screen-Shot-2016-09-25-at-06.33.55 with links to the photos at 1 and 2.

And from David Burela’s WordPress post DEVCON2 report: Day 3 – Final day:

Screen-Shot-2016-09-25-at-06.43.18Few people cheated, but we won’t mention any names – @ledgerwatch aka Alexey and Dr. Christian Reitwiessner. Remember not to cheat as you will deprived yourself from solving one of the simplest puzzles ever!

About 5% of people I give these to solve the puzzle within 5 minutes. By dinner on the last night, many Ethereans had solved this puzzle. Well done!

Remember to play games with your colleagues so you know how they react in stressful situations. And this puzzle can be stressful when you are under pressure.


@tayvano notified me of Lefteris’ tweet from Nov 26 2016:
Congratulations @LefterisJP!

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