Free Ethers Anyone?

The forking party continues.

Poloniex livened up the party today. They enable the trading of Ethereum Classic (ETC) on their exchange. ETC is the non-hard-forked version of the Ethereum blockchain.

I quickly checked out the smart contract that will allow you to selectively submit transactions on the hard-forked ETH or the non-hard-forked ETC blockchains. Here is the Q&A I wrote on how to use it – How to conditionally send ethers to another account post-hard-fork to protect yourself from replay attacks.

As part of the testing, I sent my pre-hard-fork ethers (ETC was ETH back then) to Poloniex, traded them for some bitcoins (BTC), and traded it for ETH and sent it back to my wallet. Free ethers anyone? Just follow the guide, test with small amounts and enjoy.

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