BokkyPooBah Wuz Here! In Block #3,000,000! Yaaay!

I got my timing right and had the following validated contract mined in block #3,000,000 in the transaction at the address 0x952c9a569725d4cb710c69184e5eb8f56d6b8bd6, at Jan-15-2017 10:10:35 AM +UTC (21:10:35 AEST):

Here is the Application Binary Interface:

Block #3,000,000 only happens once in a lifetime, and my lifetime. I had to spend a little bit of time thinking about when to send my transaction to get into block #3,000,000. I sent my transaction just after my geth node received block #2,999,998. From this time on, miners around the world would be mining the transactions to include into block #2,999,999. My transaction was in the transaction pool when block #2,999,999 was mined and propagated through the peer-to-peer network, and so my transaction was included in block #3,000,000.

And from the /r/ethereum post on block /r/#3,000,000:

Here’s the Etherscan page on this contract:

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