A Quick Look At The Waves Platform

This is not advise as to whether the Waves platform is a good investment or not. This is just a quick look at what Waves is offering and how they are doing it.

From https://wavesplatform.com/:

Blockchain-powered customizable tokens platform

Kickstart your projects right on the blockchain. Create your own custom tokens which can be transferred, swapped, and traded on our integrated decentralized exchange.

A universe of tokens
WAVES is a decentralized platform that allows any user to issue, transfer, swap and trade custom tokens directly on the blockchain.

Decentralized trading
WAVES uses blockchain technology to offer an integrated exchange which does not depend on a central authority, server, or static infrastructure.

Your gateway to the world
The gateways partnered with WAVES make a breeze to swap from digital assets to traditional money right into your bank account or viceversa.

Blockchain voting
WAVES also includes an innovative means of decentralized voting, with no single authority or the risk of manipulation this carries.

Decentralized crowdfunding
WAVES integrates its own crowdfunding platform, Crowdstarter, which allows entrepreneurs to launch their projects easily and in a decentralized manner.

Innovative reputation system
Absence of governance carries its own risks. WAVES’ decentralized reputation system will play a key role in bringing confidence to the assets ecosystem.

Source code available on https://github.com/wavesplatform, maintained by 1 user gagarin55.

Written mainly in Scala.
Original announcement on Mar 5 2016.
The Message board and bitcointalk.org post.
From the whitepaper:

… Proof-of-Stake protocol as a consensus algorithm for WAVES. This choice is based on its successful use in NXT …

Currently has a market cap of USD 33,194,100. Supply 100,000,000 WAVES:

The block explorer and a single block 202871:

A single transaction at 3wUYBGsWNR1UpxDzdwnkGNJPAX76XT4hEVdR6QCFPKYNP7CTYDA9DWooivtW8bESPuBTA9w1yiTky1nimdcLqdG3:

A single address at 3PK5ajt5MHv16qZpQQJ96K5MpANsLQBjFwz with a balance of 194,243.99799994 WAVES ~ USD 64,294 @ 0.331 USD per WAVE:

Further screenshots http://imgur.com/gallery/8mXXe.

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